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    Config xml configuration, best practices and performance settings

      I have read through the very old PDF from the forum item on "Recommneded Application Server Settings" and saw there are many items missing or the names have changed.


      Does ANYBODY have any ideas on the best configuration for an application server. I'm doing my best to tweak the system, but I know I'm not even close to the best settings. Is there a good method to determine what the best settings should be?


      I can't believe that document has not been updated with the new items found in 7.x, even with 7.5 out, nothing new has been released, at least not on the forums.


      Please help if you have any good formula's or general settings I might try.


      Here is the forum topic I'm referencing: https://www.bladelogic.com/community/entry.jspa?categoryID=76&externalID=253


      I'll attach my server info to this topic just in case you want to review my current settings.