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    Component Discovery and Instances

      I'm playing around with component template local property instances, and they make compliance rules much simpler, but discovery's now a pain. Discovery creates components for every instance in the template on every server, and blcli-created components don't associate to an instance. Is there a way to create a component for just a specific instance of a template without having to manually create it through the GUI? It doesn't have to be a discovery job; I'm open to blcli scripting if there's a way to create a component based on a specific template instance.


      One part of the scenario I'm working with is this: We have different DNS servers configured on agents based on their physical location. We currently have a compliance job with an ungodly complex rule to audit the DNS servers. With instances, I can create a property class instance for each region with the proper DNS servers and associate it to the template instance. I can then create a simple compliance rule that says "make sure only the DNS servers from this template instance are configured," and I don't need to consider the subnet anymore. I realize I can use component smart groups to only run compliance against the components I care about, but with ~20 template instances and ~1200 servers, that's a lot of useless components.

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