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    Remote / Silent Uninstall of RSCD agent

      We are working on developing remote install/uninstall procedures for the RSCD agent. I've got the remote install working okay, but I am having difficulty with the uninstall.


      I looked at the "Uninstall RSCD Agent" Start Menu entry, and it gives this as the command:


      C:\BladeLogic\RSC\Uninstall\setup.exe -runfromtemp -l0x0009 -AnyText


      ...which is not very intuitive, and executes the uninstall in interactive mode. Is there some magical combination of command-line arguments that will just execute the uninstall without any user interaction?


      C:\BladeLogic\RSC\Uninstall\setup.exe -uninstall -quiet


      ...that kind of thing?


      I could probably figure out the Windows "uninstall" deal remotely if I had to, but I'd prefer to just use the in-built uninstaller if I can make it work.