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    Licensing Windows Managed Servers

    Tim Emerson

      I have a group of Windows 2003 managed servers I have added to my BL environment. I used getlic and the license page to generate keys. When I attempt to run putlic on the app server I get permission denied errors. If I go to the managed server and open up the permissions on the existing license.dat file I can push the new license.


      Is there a better approach to this?

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          Bill Robinson

          when you run the getlic are you running it from nsh? how did you launch this nsh?


          you should do a 'nsh here' from the CM GUI on a server that is licensed - that gets you into nsh w/ bladelogic credentials and assuming that role:user combo has entries in the users.local file on the target agent you should be able to run the getlic.



          also look into 'autolic' which will do the getlic, talk to the site and then putlic


          additionally, you can create a nshscriptjob to do this and just run it from the gui.

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            Don't forget you can also do it as a custom command. The only drawback is that you'll be typing the password in cleartext in the GUI when you run it.