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    Licensing on Linux - Urgent


      I have installed the OM on Windows and an agent on a RedHat 5.2, I added it to my configuration console and it is ok, but I would like to license that, but that message is sended:

      "Error setting the license key on host Permission denied"


      The exports file in my linux server is:

      - pwd

      - /usr/lib/rsc

      - vi exports

      - #

      1. Copyright (c) 2001-2007 BladeLogic, Inc.

      2. -- All Rights Reserved --


      1. This file is read by the "rscd" to determine permissions for the given host.


      1. Please read the BladeLogicAdministration.pdf or "exports" man page for details

      2. on how to use this file.


      • rw,user = root, root=




      Can someone help me ?