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    Delete BatchJob Schedule...

      Am I going mad here or is it true that there is no specific RBAC authorization which gives the permission for a user to delete a BatchJob schedule?


      We have a user role which has the ability to create and modify batchJob schedules but is completely unable to delete them once added. I cannot see any system authorization which looks like it will give the ability to delete.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks - Lee

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          Scott Rabinow



          In RBAC, under the BatchJob authorizations, there is a BatchJob.Create and a BatchJob.Modify, but those are to create and modify the BatchJob itself. There is no BatchJob.CreateSchedule auth, so you are probably interested in the BatchJob.ModifySchedule auth.


          Does the user have that particular auth in their roles' auths? If so, does the user also have that auth on the specific BatchJob?



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            Figured this out... I was missing the batchJob.modify property for the role trying to delete the schedules. They seem to need this along with the modify schedule authorisation.