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    OM communications with Agent

      Can anyone confirm (and possibly provide the link to the docs) that the communication between the agent and OM is encrypted? I thought it is, and is done through SSL. Just looking for the information so I can provide to our security group.

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          The BladeLogicAdministration.pdf guide documents this in the "Default Permissions and Security Configuration" section. Here's a snippet:



          When you install BladeLogic on clients and servers, the following permissions and security

          configurations are set by default for each RSCD agent:

          • All clients are granted read/write access to all servers.

          • All clients and servers are set to communicate using protocol 5, a BladeLogic protocol

          for secure communication based on Transport Layer Security (TLS), the successor to

          Secure Socket Layer (SSL). With protocol 5, TLS automatically negotiates the strongest

          form of encryption that clients and servers can support.


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            The TLS Certs come as part of the agent and server install, correct?