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    How does users.local affect your role permissions on a server?

    S Crawford

      By default, we map a certain administrator role to root in our users.local file on all servers. This way they have the ability to enroll new servers into BladeLogic, push ACLs, etc. However, even though they have an entry in the users.local file, we are finding that they still have 'permission denied' problems when trying to access the server through BL.


      Does the users.local file give you all the role access you would normally have if you were listed in the users file (even though you don't show up in the 'Permissions' tab for that server)? Or does users.local only apply to NSH?


      Does the 'nouser' entry in the users file override the entries in the users.local file?

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          Bill Robinson

          the users.local file overrides the users file. you can look in the rscd.log on the target and see why you are getting the permisson denied.


          there are a couple possibilities:

          1 - the exports file is denying the connection from the client, but usually you get a different error


          2 - you are connecting from a client that does not have bladelogic credentials. (eg you run the 'nsh' programs file entry directly and there is no nsh proxy configured)


          I think we had the proxy setup to work w/ the AD auth in your environment so running nsh from the programs menu should pickup the bladelogic auth, otherwise try the 'nsh here' from the CM gui.


          then do an 'agentinfo ' and see who you are getting mapped to.