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    Config file tnsnames.ora and blquery

      I read the NSH manual and the pages about blquery and the config file functions:


      >The following functions let you access the BladeLogic config files.

      >The grammar to be used to scan a given config file is automatically determined

      >by consulting the index file.

      >For UNIX and Linux systems, the file is found in /usr/nsh/scripts.

      >For Windows systems, the file is found in /om/scripts.


      I wish to create a script with the goal to find the SID in the

      tnsnames.ora but in the config file server object Live section there are not

      the file tnsnames.ora


      I modified the index file o the bladelogic console server in this way



      the file index path is

      C:\Program Files\BladeLogic\OM\scripts\index


      (I add to the end of file this strings):

      WindowsNT *.ora ora.gm


      .... but I'm not able to see in the configuration file section

      the tnsnames.ora file


      Where is the error ?

      How can I insert the tnsnames.ora in the list of configuration files ?


      thanks for your help