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    Job Notifications?

      Not sure if this is the right part of the forum...


      Anyway, does anyone know a way that when specifying a job to notify of success via an email, that the content of the email can be made to include the target(s) that the job ran against?



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          Bill Robinson

          I don't believe you can modify the contents of the emails sent for notification. if it's an audit or compliance job, you can send results as well and that will have what servers it ran against, otherwise you'd need to take the job id and other info and query back to the appserver.


          open a ticket w/ support to request this as an enhancement so it gets logged.



          maybe there's another way to do what you want - is email the only way to get this notification? do by chance have the 'RBA' or 'Orchestration Manager' products in your environment ?

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            Hi Bill...


            We do have Orchestration Manager... what did you have in mind? The job in question is deploying some software to a Linux server (BMC Patrol as it happens). All we want to do is be able to have the success of the job generate some kind of notification to our Patrol team letting them know that the agent has been installed on a particular server.

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              Bill Robinson

              you could have the job send a SNMP trap to RBA/Orchestration Manager, have that kick off a workflow to use the blcli to query back to bladelogic to figure out what server(s) it ran against, and then have RBA send the email out.

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                You might want to look into leveraging the BLCLI. You can use it to execute jobs, set job targets, and e-mail based on the results of the job. You have full control over the contents of an e-mail when using the BLCLI also, so you could just pass in your target list as a variable into the contents of the e-mail.