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    User as administrator only on one server

    Antonio Caputo

      I need to create a user (myUser) with Admin access just on one server (myHost).


      After created that user and performed the ACLs Push the users file looks like that:



      1. This file was automatically generated by the BladeLogic RBAC console.

      2. Any changes to this file will be lost upon the next update by the RBAC

      3. console. Local changes should be made in the users.local file

      4. Date created: Tue Oct 28 10:29:15 CET 2008


      1. BLAdmins ACLs

      BLAdmins:BLAdmin rw,map=Administrator

      BLAdmins:myUser rw,map=Administrator


      1. NSH-only ACLs

      BLAdmin rw,map=Administrator

      myUser rw,map=Administrator




      Later I modified the row related to myUser like this


      BLAdmins:myUser rw,map=Administrator,hosts=myHost


      but I cannot access because hosts refers to incoming server and not destination as I need.


      How can I have the myUser user as Admin only on myServer?