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    blcli credentials when using Kerberos - difference with SRP

      I have two 7.4 appservers in two different Windows domain environments.

      Appserver 1 (production) is only SRP at present

      Appserver 2 (Dev) is Kerberos enabled. Client machines with the OM software installed are able to successfully authenticate using kerberos.


      My understanding is that if I launch the Config Manager GUI then my creds are cached. But I am seeing the following when invoking blcli on each appserver:


      Appserver1 - SRP


      Bad input format.

      Usage :

      (which is good - and what I expect)


      Appserver2 - kerberos


      Failed execution.com.bladelogic.mfw.util.BlException: Unable to map authentication type. No valid authentication type specified.

      (this is bad. I am successfully logged onto the appserver CM console using kerberos)


      Even using blcred cred -acquire -profile "Active Directory" (which succeeds)

      leads to the same error message.


      What part of my appserver is broken?