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    licensing doesn't work thru SOCKS proxy server

      We have a remote datacenter (call it DC_B)that I've configured our BladeLogic appserver (7.4.3 SP1) in a local datacenter (DC_A) to access via a SOCKS proxy server as per documentation. I followed docs closely, down to using "Location" as my custom property and identifier. DC_A does not have access to a DNS server serving IPs for servers in DC_B, and servers in DC_B have non-routeable IPs (10.3.*).


      Using the Configuration Manager in DC_A I can talk to appserver in DC_A and add servers from DC_B to BL successfully, and initially live-browse them.


      However, once temporary licenses expire, I can't use "autolic" or "getlic" on appserver in DC_A to get permanent licenses for servers in DC_B. Similarly, "agentinfo" on appserver in DC_A never does work to communicate with servers in DC_B.


      My theory is that the CLI utilities do not have access to the network routing capability used by BL within the Configuration Manager that initially allows me to add servers and live-browse them from within the Configuration Manager. I was alerted to "autolic.conf" but adding the name of the proxy server to it didn't change anything, nor did stopping/starting appserver (which is running on RH Linux).


      Here's what happens with autolic.

      First, try with mnemonic:


      blandapp001% autolic -v ridgetop01 1cdnomo srv2089

      Getting license data from host srv2089... FAILED: Connection timed out

      autolic: No hosts found meeting your requirements


      Failure is immediate, and tcpdump of interface shows nothing.


      Then, try with numeric:


      blandapp001% autolic -v ridgetop01 1cdnomo

      Getting license data from host FAILED: Connection timed out

      autolic: No hosts found meeting your requirements


      Tcpdump shows:

      1. tcpdump -i eth0 host

      tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode

      listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 96 bytes

      11:30:41.284921 IP blandapp001.min.navisite-int.com.42120 > UDP, length 10

      11:30:57.193860 IP blandapp001.min.navisite-int.com.55079 > S 1051487773:1051487773(0) win 5840


      5 packets captured

      5 packets received by filter

      0 packets dropped by kernel


      Pretty predicatable - mnemonic fails outright because it can't resolve IP (and isn't using BL proxy routing info) and numeric fails because IP is unrouteable (and it isn't using BL proxy at all).