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    Where can I get extended object sensors?

      When browsing the live view of servers and looking at Extended objects, a number of them produce an error when clicked. For example, if I click on the "Users" extended object for Linux an error message pops up saying....


      blquery: Unable to load file

      (/usr/nsh/share/sensors/extended_objects/users.blq): No such file or directory




      and so on.


      This file does indeed not exist on my AppServer... in fact there's really nothing under /usr/nsh/share/sensors.


      Where can I get these files from?



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          Bill Robinson

          What's the history of the environment?


          Files should be in that directory if you've installed any of the compliance content or run the blcontent loader.


          If the extended objects are defined by they are not on your appserver that means they were there at one point but something got removed...



          you can run the /br/blcontent or install the CIS/DISA/PCI content ....


          but before you do - in your Component Templates workspace do you have any folders like "7.4.3.C1 CIS ..." ?

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            Hi Bill...


            We did rebuild this environment a while ago. We started out at 7.4.3, then upgraded our appservers to a later version of Red Hat and the BL environment up to 7.4.4, so the content may have got deleted during all that.


            I just ran the blcontent script but it failed with the message...


            Exception in thread "main" com.bladelogic.app.service.ServiceNotAvailableException: Cleanup service is not available. Current state is : Not Started


            Besides that it started adding all of the Sample auth profiles, roles etc into the system which I don't really want. Is there a way I can just get the sensors?

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              Bill Robinson

              hmm - do you have backups or an old appserver from the old env ? the files may still be there.


              i'm not sure about that java exception...


              i was just looking at the content zips - so i think the sensors may actually be in the compliance content zips (cis, pci, etc) and not that blcontent. i could have sworn that the blcontent thing has some of the 'sensors' in it. anyway - you can just nuke the sample roles and groups - it's just everything w/ "sample" infront of it.


              goto the kb / toolkits and get the zips for CIS, PCI and run the installer scripts in there.


              did you have any of that loaded previously ? (look in that Component Templates workspace) that would tell you what to reload.