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    Duplicate / orphaned RSCD.exe process, and how to get rid of it

      Some of the Windows servers we maintain through the Configuration Manager console have, through an unknown series of events, more than one RSCD.exe process running at once. We are trying to find a way to gracefully eliminate the spurious process through the console; our current SOP involves logging on to each server in question via RDP, stopping the "BladeLogic RSCD Agent" service, killing the leftover RSCD.exe process with the task manager, then restarting the agent service.


      As you can see from how long of a sentence that was, it's a cumbersome process. And while the ideal would be to solve the question as to what causes the dupe process in the first place, for right now we just want an easier way to do this whole procedure (ideally, one that we could run as a job).


      This command works for Windows 2003 Server:


      nexec $NSH_RUNCMD_HOST agentctl -b exec taskkill /IM RSCD.exe /F

      However, we have a number of Windows 2000 Server boxes that do not have the "taskkill" command. I tried using the "tskill" command instead, but I am getting an "End Process failed for rscd:Access is denied." error. Have also tried using the "net stop" and "net start" commands, but the console doesn't seem to like it when the RSCD process ends that way (it just fails the job when the agent goes down).


      At this point, I am kind of stumped. Anyone have any ideas?