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    Remote Host Unknown

    Valerian Jone

      So I'm getting some funkiness when trying to connect to our app server. It's just a linux app server running centos on 7.4.2. For some reason, we need to specifically modify our local hosts file on the client machine or to add dns suffix searching to be able to connect to the application server (either through the CM gui or through NSH doing NSH proxy) on the client machine. If we don't modify our local hosts file/dns suffix, we get a "remote host unknown" error.


      We have to vpn in to their network to get access to the application server. If we try to ping serverA without the fqdn, we can't reach it. If we ping serverA.bladelogic.com, then we can reach the application server. Problem is, when we specify serverA.bladelogic.com in the CM profile, we can get the authentication credential, but for some reason, the credential is truncated so that the credential only lists serverA (NOT serverA.bladelogic.com).


      So what we have to do on our client machines is to edit the hosts file to put an entry so that the short name, (serverA), resolves out to the IP address. Then, everything works. I know we can just have them modify their vpn so that gives the correct dns suffix search as well, but isn't it a little weird that we can't specify a fqdn and connect?


      I'm thinking we need to modify the AppServiceURLs and ProxyServiceURLs in blasadmin, but any other ideas?