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    Define more intrinsic properties

      Hello all,


      I want to add more properties for Windows for example ProgramFiles, Userdomain, HOMEPATH ....


      There's a way to create them as intrinsic properties and as for WINDIR prop. make them automatically completable when a new system is added to application server?





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          You can't make them intrinsic, but you can make them required. However, I assume you want to ensure that these are set correctly and not just filled in because it's a required field.


          It really comes down to your server enrollment process. A lot of times I've worked with clients to create NSH scripts that will make BLCLI calls to add a server into the environment and set a bunch of properties just like you are asking about. If you enforce server enrollment through such a script using RBAC, you can ensure that these properties are getting set for all new servers that you add to Config Manager.

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            Bill Robinson

            you can also schedule an additional 'property update' script to run periodically to update these things.


            i would also submit an enhancement request for this functionality.