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    HP NIC Teaming

      If you need to team NICs on an HP, make sure you install the ProLiant support pack first. You can find instructions for this in the knowledgebase. The support pack includes a command-line utility called cqniccmd.exe, which lets you do a lot of things with the NICs. You can do this to record your current NIC configuration:


      cqniccmd /s nicteam.xml


      So configure the server locally, then record. You can also dissolve teams with the /d option. Then, you can create a BLPackage with the nicteam.xml and then add an external command like this:


      set path=%path%;C:\Program Files\HP\NCU

      start cqniccmd /c C:\Temp\nicteam.xml


      You need to execute this with the start command because you will lose connectivity. If you are executing this as part of a batch, be sure to throw in an NSH wait script or any other creative way of waiting for an agent to come back online.