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    RBAC using AD/Kerberos Authentication and unix users

      New BL Admin/User here... (Disclaimer for any already answered questions)


      We have set up BL 7.4.2 using AD for users and authentication. The problem is using nsh on a unix host and because the users are local unix accounts we now have a mismatch in the AD user and the unix user.


      AD account = JDOE@ADDOMAIN

      unix user = jdoe


      Has anyone been able to find a decent work around besides having two different RBACuser accounts for all of the unix admins? An AD RBACuser to use the GUI, and a SRP RBACuser to use nsh. Even if we use our LDAP accounts for unix authentication, which AD is sycn'd with, those have lower case and are missing "@ADDOMAIN".


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