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    Feature request procedure.

      What is the process on new feature requests? I have submitted one to have the OM console and NSH work on Apple OSX. Is there some way where we could view if the feature request has been accepted or denied?

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          You can use the "Manage Tickets" area of the support site to see if your requests have a version number in their "Target Release" column. Target release information does not generally get populated until very late in the release cycle so it wont give you long term information.


          As a fellow Mac user I currently run a small CentOS 4 vm in parallels background'ed. I then use OSX's native Xll server to X-forward the RHEL4 version of OM to my Mac desktop. If you have a Unix box laying around on the network to install on it's even better since OM will not be generating any load on your desktop.


          X11.app can be found on the OSX install CD as an optional installation item.

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            Thank you for you response... I am using parallels as well but a Windows partition, but I would sure like a native console. I have tried the X11 tunneling as well but found it to be slower.