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    Soft Linked

      I need some help in regards to the 'Soft Linked' option when you import an asset into a BLPackage. It says in the 'BladeLogic User Guide' that:


      Under Depot Asset Options, do one of the following:

      • Check Soft linked to gather the contents of the BLPackage at the time of deployment rather than the time of package creation.


      I would like to create a BLPackage that has an imported asset soft linked to a depot file. Then I want to replace the file referenced with a newer version of the same file that is soft linked. I want to do this so I do not have to import again the new version into the BLPackage. We would like to have edit the package after it is created.


      From the description in the User Guide, what I want to do seems to be what 'soft linked' offers, but when I check try to use 'soft linked', it doesn't work.


      Any help would be appreciated, please let me know if you would like more information from my side on what I have tried.



      Brett Pynn

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          From what I understand, you have a "framework" BLPackage that deploys what you need to. One of the items in that BLPackage is a soft-linked file in the depot, correct?


          You should be able to do one of two things:

          Maintain one package

          - Delete / Comment out the soft-linked asset in your current package

          - Right-click on the opened BLPackage and select Import Assets and choose the new Depot Object. Select "Soft linked"


          Maintain a BLPackage for each version

          - Each time you want to create a new BLPackage, copy and paste a new one

          - Delete the old depot file and import the new one, choosing "soft linked"


          If this doesn't work for you, can you provide some more details as to how?

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            Bret Roemhild

            So if I understand correctly...

            You have a file deploy job and a BLpackage already created that is 'soft linked' to this file deploy job....

            A new version of the file comes along and you want a way to simply update the BLpackage without having to open it in edit mode and re-import the asset.


            If I understand it correctly then you can simply overwrite the old with the new file and it should be good to go. A file deploy job references a location, i.e. //serverwithanagent/somedir/file as opposed to BLpackages that reside on the file server. Therefore you should be able to take the new file and simply overwrite it at the location referenced in the file deploy job (//serverwithanagent/somedir/file).


            If you need to maintain the old file and overwriting it is not an option then you could change the location in the file deploy job, i.e. //serverwithanagent/somedir/newfile.


            Hope that helps.

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              Bret your response makes sense and is the answer I was looking for. I was hoping for a different use than what the 'soft linked' option is used for. Thank you for your help and your quick response.


              Brett Pynn