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    Changing the properties data type value

      Currently at the client site (Lockheed Martin-Aeronautics), they have created some additional properties across all three sites(3 different appservers), and the data types have been set differently at one site. They would like the ability to change the data types of the properties to be consistent. Currently, once a property value is set with the data type, it cannot be changed. The property can be depreciated, but if you re-add it, it still contains the original data type.




      They have a property data type set to boolean at one site and want to change it to string, after the property value has been set. Can I update the property value to no value, then change the date_type_id in the Database?




      SELECT * FROM property WHERE (name LIKE '%VAR_PATCH%')


      Currently set to boolean - so 'property.data_type_id=4'


      Want to change to string - so 'property.data_type_id=2'


      I have tested this out on my demo environment(v7.3), and it works, I want to make sure that no other tables/fields need to be updated as well.