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    Repeater Usage

      Does anyone know of a way to check wether or not a repeater server is being used or not? Of course one could go into each and every job and search but I was hoping there was an easier way. We're using 6.3.4 still and I believe repeaters don't keep the cached contents otherwise one option would be to go look into the repeater staging directory on each repeater.




      Dave Dabour

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          Is there a server property called "repeater name" or something like it? It should be set to the repeater you want to use. This is how you can tell in 7.x versions. Not sure about 6.3.4.

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            Thanks for the reply. Yes that is one way I suppose. At least it show that a target server can use a repeater. I was also wondering if there was a way to actually know if using the repeater worked and how often. I believe if a repeater server failed or wasn't able to be contacted the process defaults to direct push.



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              Good question, and one best answered by testing it out and seeing if it does indeed revert to a direct push, or if it will just fail. My guess is that it will fail. If so, than that is your indicator. If not, perhaps something in the logs will tell you that it changed to a direct push.

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                True, you could create a smart group that shows all your repeaters (IS_REPEATER equals true). Then you could create a 2nd smart group to find servers where REPEATER NAME equals , and then run a quick deploy against those.


                As far as testing out how often those repeaters get used, I'd write a NSH script against my repeater smart group and look at when the latest file was modified in each of the individual staging directories.