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    NSH access permissions

    JeanMichel GUY



      How can I give permissions to "admplat" user from "host1" to access with NSH to root on "server2" using RSCD agent ?


      Is this line in the exports file on server2 right ?


      server1 rw,allowed=user1,user=root


      Thats's all, or no ?





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          Bonjour Jean-Michel!


          Here is what you should have on server2:



          server1 rw






          admplat rw, map=root



          In the above example I assume ACLs are being pushed to server2 from the app server, which will contain the 'nouser' entry. This will block all other users from accessing server2 that are not in the list of ACLs.


          You could also configure the ACLs in RBAC so that admplat maps to root without manually configuring the users.local file.



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            JeanMichel GUY

            Hi Greg,


            Is it, this new line "server1 rw" compatible with "* ro" in the exports file ?


            I want to acces on the RSCD agent from "server1" server using "admplat" user in NSH only, but I want to access from App Server and CM console too.





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              • ro" grants all hosts read-only access to the server. "server1 rw" grants only server1 read-write access. I believe your exports file should look like this:


              server1, ro



              And your users.local file should look like this:


              admplat rw,map=root



              Are you still pushing ACLs from the app server to "server1"?