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    Quick and Easy Way to Build Conditional SmartGroups

    Sean Berry

      BladeLogic's CLI now supports the ability to create smartgroups with conditionals, right from blcli and jli. Here's a quick script to build out the pre-defined enumerated smartgroups.


      Feel free to extend in the same format for your customers. This builds out smartgroups for the ENVIRONMENT, FUNCTION, REGULATORY_SCOPE, RECOVERY_SLA, AVAILABILITY, AVAILABILITY_SLA enumerated properties.


      Run as:


      % nsh build-conditionals.nsh built-in-conditionals.txt

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          This seems similar, or at least as close as I've seen on the boards so far to something I'm trying to do.,


          I want to create a server smart group that’s conditional on if a certain directory exists.


          For example, I would like to have a server smart group that only contains servers that have the /usr/websphere directory. So that any time a new server is added that meets this condition it will automatically be added to this smart group.


          I haven't seen any pre-existing properties for this, and don't know how to create one that may work.