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    Documenting templates etc.

      I need to produce documentation of how Blade logic has been set up with regard to Component Templates, Compliance Rules, Extended Objects etc, showing all the details. Is there any way of getting this information out of Blade Logic in a usable format or is it down to cut and paste?

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          I'm doing some similar documentation for an environment I have set up, and have been relying on copy and paste. I did a quick search through the BLCLI API, which from my guess would be the easiest way to automate an export of this type of data, but it seems as if the commands aren't available for doing the type of export you're trying to do. Currently I think your best bet is to copy, paste, and file an enhancement request ;)

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            Thanks, I'll carry on with copy and paste. Will ask for an enhancement.

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              It seems we're getting closer - looking over the release notes for 7.3, we now have the following capability:


              "Additional import/export support: the ability to import and export the following objects that were not previously supported by the import/export system: extended objects, config files, and grammars. In this release, you can import/export these new objects ONLY through the BLCLI (not the Configuration Manager console)."


              It seems we still can't export the tree structure of groups, but now can at least get at Extended Objects, Config Files, and Grammars.