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    Weblogic 9 config.xml Grammar

    Erik Johannessen

      What grammar file are people using for Weblogic 9 config.xml files? According to a developer here, Weblogic 9 changed to use a 'self terminating xml' format (whatever that is) and our generic XML grammar fails with it.


      Any ideas? Its pretty critical here, and we could use a working grammar.



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          As of right now I do not believe this exists. I am looking into creating one.


          The main difference between weblogic 8 and 9/10 is that weblogic 9/10 uses an xml type definition. I am not exactly 100 percent sure how this would affect parsing the the different config.xml's but I will update this posting as I make find out new information.


          Weblogic 8 Config.xml ( http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs81/config_xml/overview.html) :

          The config.xml file is not a formal XML document with a document type definition (DTD) that can be used to validate its contents. It is truly a repository, where each XML element contains data saved at the request of an in-memory instance of a management object in WebLogic Server. However, the objects that store their data in config.xml are defined within the WebLogic Server Management API and so it is possible to substantially document the contents of the config.xml


          Weblogic 10 ( http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs92/domain_config/config_files.html#wp1085050


          However, because the WebLogic Server configuration document is an XML file that conforms to a schema, it is possible to modify them using XSLT or an XML parser application such as Apache Xerces or JDOM. Be sure to test any scripts that you create thoroughly and always make a backup copy of each configuration file before you make any changes to it.


          What I am wondering is how the config.xml needs to be parsed with Xerces as a requirement for the grammar file?


          I don't believe xerces would be able to be integrated into the grammer file parsing capabilities, as it may not even be necessary. Maybe a developer on the BladeLogic XML end can help clarify this?


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