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    Using syslog to export bldeploy logs.

      Can anyone tell me if it is feasible or even possible to export the bldeploy logs via syslog? What are the ramifications of using syslog for the bldeploy log instead of letting it reside in the Transactions directory?


      The manual (BladeLogicAdministration.pdf, pg. 129)states the following:


      bldeploy, bldeployConsole, bldeployAppserver:

      BladeLogic does not recommend modifying this tag.


      For clients performing lots of deploy jobs and rollbacks, the bldeploy logs can get fairly sizable even after the job has been rolled back. An example: bldeploy logs are currently taking up over 9GB in this environment. 6GB worth are for jobs that have already been rolled back. Syslog would allow us to offload the storage requirements and reduce our footprint.