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    performance tuning 7.0.1

      Anyone with observations, notes, random thoughts on methodology for debugging performance issues? That's a wide net to cast but I'd like to get as much input as I can.


      The specific issue is an audit job with 23 config file entries running against 4 servers (soon to be many more).


      Brad's doc on 6.1.2 is great but I'm looking for more recent experience in addition.



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          Gerald, helpful information to collect would be:


          blcli AppServerProfiler getAppServerDetails

          blasadmin show appserver all

          appserver CPU #, speed


          JVM size

          agent utilization during job run

          database threads allotted to user

          database threads in use during job run

          database sga parameters

          oracle database sga advice

          database utilization during job run


          There are probably others, but that's a good quick list.