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    CPU Count in CM / Reports

      I have a server that has 4 physical CPUs but is hyperthreaded into 8 CPUs. As far as the OS is concerned, there are 8 CPUs on the box, while the BIOS knows there's 4. When I browse System Info in CM I see all 8 CPUs, and when I license the server it only recognizes 4 (as it should).


      I'm trying to create a report that shows both columns of data, and I'm unaware of how this can be done. It seems as if this data is available, based on what the licensing is showing, and what I'm seeing in CM. I'm not sure how to get the physical CPU count other than looking at the licensing section of the website. Has anyone out there come across this and have a solution?



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          A while back I ran into a similar problem at another customer, whereby they wanted to be able to differentiate between logical and physical. I stumbled across a utility called "htdump" (attached) which does this for Windows. Here's an example of the output (in the case of a server that is not hyperthreaded). You may have to parse this output to get the data you're looking for:


          Processors are not hyperthreading capable

          A physical processor exposes logical processor(s): 0

          System has 1 logical processors exposed by 1 physical processors


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            Nice. Here's what we ended up doing:


            1) Create a custom software object with htdump.exe with install command: "??SOURCE??" > "C:\tmp\htdumpOut.txt"

            2) Deploy to each machine

            3) In a BLCLI script that updates server properties, set the parameter using PHYSICAL_CPUS=`grep "System" /c/tmp/htdumpOut.txt | cut -d" " -f8`

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              Hi All, I need to have the same information (physical CPU count versus hyperthreaded or multi core) Is there more functionality built into 7.4.2 to trap this info? I will need to be able to get this information for AIX, HPUX, Windows, and Linux.

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                Chris Blanks

                I am also looking for this information (Physical CPU - Core Count per CPU - Hyperthreading Information). I do not see a response to the previous query, but this functionality in 7.4.3 or 7.4.4 would prove most beneficial. Has anyone solved this issue?

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                  Using the 'htdump.exe' that Tim supplied above I was able to gather the # of physical CPUs and then populate server properties via the BLCLI. It doesn't have the other two you mention (Core Count per CPU and Hyperthreading info), but if you have a utility or command that can query this information then you could use a similar process of deploying, executing, capturing the output, and setting a server property so that you can get an environment-wide report.


                  If you would like to see these as default/intrinsic properties then I would definitely submit an enhancement request. But for the time being the above process should work well as long as you find a way to get at the info.

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                    i tried the suggested htdump.exe but it seems to fail on newer processors (returning the wrong number of sockets)

                    anyone knows a working utility to sort that out?