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    Two hotfixes for the 6.3.3 release are available.

      We have released two hotfixes for the 6.3.3 release which should be installed

      by any customer upgrading to (or newly installing) the 6.3.3 release.


      Both hotfixes are appserver-side hotfixes only. One hotfix is platform

      independent and the other hotfix is only required for Windows appservers.


      These two hotfixes fix the following issues:


      (IR)18252 - 'Failed to remove temporary entry' during audit/snapshot of

      extended object


      (IR)18978 - Deploy Jobs, Patch Analysis Jobs, and Extended Objects can

      sporadically fail on a windows appserver


      The hotfix to 18252 is an updated bladelogic.jar file. Any 6.3.3 appserver

      should have their version of the bladelogic.jar file updated to this one.

      This fix is required for all platforms.


      The hotfix to 18978 is an updated libncdll.dll file. Any 6.3.3 windows

      appserver should have their version of libncdll.dll updated to this one.


      The issue associated with 18252 was first introduced in the 6.3.2 release.

      Unfortunately we didn't know about it until the day 6.3.3 was released

      (which is why we could not incorporate it into the 6.3.3 release but had

      to hotfix it instead).


      The issue associated with 18978 was introduced in the 6.3.3 release. We

      fixed a crash issue that could occur with deploy jobs, patch analysis jobs,

      and remotely executed extended objects in the 6.3.3 release. Unfortunately

      the code which fixed the issue tickled another bug that has always existed

      in the libncdll.dll. This bug does not manifest itself on all windows servers

      though so it was uncaught as part of the 6.3.3 testing.


      Currently you can access these hotfixes on the blftp server in the

      /GA/6.3.3/HOTFIXES directory. You'll find three files there called:

      1) bladelogic.jar

      2) libncdll.dll

      3) readme.txt (which documents the defects and how to install the patches).


      I'll work with John Bridgewater next week on getting these posted to the

      web site. In the meantime though, please get them from the ftp server.


      If you have any questions, please let me know.


      Sean Daley

      Sustaining Engineering Manager