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    JVM Memory Sizes

      I'm having a problem configuring the JVM Memory on my app server. I have set my Maximum JVM Memory to 1024M, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the Total Memory to increase. I've tried setting it to 512 and 2048, but my Total memory never makes it over 10 MB. Where is this configured?


      Maximum JVM Memory (B): 1,065,484,288

      Total JVM Memory (B): 4,706,304

      Free JVM Memory (B): 2,324,248

      Used JVM Memory (B): 2,382,056

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          I wonder if this has something do do with the OS we are running, but I found that when I added an inital heap size to /br/blappserv (using -Xms), I was able to configure the Total JVM Memory:


          $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -Xss2m -Xmx1024M -Xms64M -Djava.io.tmpdir=$BLADELOGIC_HOME/tmp


          Now my memory looks like this:

          Maximum JVM Memory (B): 1,065,484,288

          Total JVM Memory (B): 67,108,864

          Free JVM Memory (B): 63,947,088

          Used JVM Memory (B): 3,161,776

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            The -Xmx flag governs the Maximum JVM Memory value (note that your Maximum JVM Memory is 1,065,484,288). Java will not use all of that by default. It will grow the Total JVM Memory as needed up to the Maximum JVM Memory but it will initially start at a "minimum" level. To increase what the minimum level is you use the -Xms flag. When this is set, the initial Total JVM Memory will be set to the new minimum value.