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    Copy packages between roles

      Hello all,


      I've created a load of packages underneath the CMAdmins role which I wanted to tranfer over to another role for use. The best way I could see to do this was by sharing out a workspace from the destination role to which I want to place them in. This works ok until I come to edit the packages as some properties appear to be greyed out and the folders inherit the previous roles naming.


      Can someone offer some guidance as to whereabouts in RBAC I need to tweak in order to release the package restrictions imposed by package the movement?


      ALSO Can I change the folder names?


      Image attached to illustrate the query.


      (another method I have used to transfer packages between roles invloved exporting the package to disc and importing back into the other role - this was a bit long winded hence why I used the about technique).


      Feedback greatly appreciated!