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    Symbolic link of Transactions directory (- works!)

      I just thought I'd let you all know that due to disk space issues on certain older servers I have been investigating the possibility of symbolic linking the Transactions directory to another volume to store the rollback files.


      I have just ran a test where I created a link to /var/Transactions in /usr/nsh

      I then sucessfully deployed a piece of software with the rollback files turning up as expected in /var/Transactions. Then I succesfully rolled back the deployment from these rollback files and it all worked succesfully.


      This is useful to me since now the agent installs can be standardised in /usr/nsh even on servers with limited space. Now the staging directory is user-defined by the server properties and also the rollback files is user-defined and can now be stored where I choose to avoid filling up the root volume.


      Probably was obvious to everyone already, but wasn't to me before this test - so there you go...