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    Comparing RPM

      I've encoutered some problems when attempting to make a comparison (audit) between RPMs.

      On the master machine i have (for example) RPMx version b and version c (actually recognized as 2 different RPM by CM).

      On the target machine i have RPMx version a and version b.

      The audit compares RPMx version a (on target) with RPMx version b (on master) and tells that:

      - RPMx version b is missing on the target machine (that is wrong)

      - the RPM on master and target machine are different.

      Something analogous happen comparing RPMx version b on target with RPMx version c on master.

      So i have as a result of my audit:

      - RPMx version b is missing on the target (that's wrong)

      - 2 differences (that's wrong because really i have only 1 difference)

      - on target one RPM not present on master (that's correct)


      Another problem i have encountered is that sometimes the audit doesn't detect differences in the version of RPM. For example:

      Name gpg-pubkey gpg-pubkey

      Version 6b8d79e6-3f49313d 731002fa-400b9109

      the difference in the version isn't detected.


      Has anybody encountered similar problems ? Does exist any "know issues" or "open ticket" for this sort of problem ?



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          I believe this problem was solved with Solaris patches by weeding out the "obsoleted" versions and only showing the most recent version. The belief there was that older versions were trumped by newer ones, so there was no reason to show them anyway. As you've indicate, it seems as though this logic isn't carried across to RPMs. You should talk to Support on this one.