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    Modify Windows User account status

      Hi there,


      I've just made a compliance audit job based on the following components :

      I check a specific windows local user account status : I expect it to be disabled.


      On the audit job result I find several servers consistent to this (user account is disabled just like my reference server) and some are inconsistent (user account is enable..)


      When I try to use the "sync to master" command to generate a synchronization job and run it against my inconsistent servers, everything seems to works well : the package is generated and the job launches and finishes perfectly (green check all the way)


      But when I check my local user status, nothing has changed it's still enabled...


      Does anyone here have already played with windows user account this way (or another way to change status ?)





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          Personally I don't have experience synchronizing local user information, but after some research I'm not 100% sure you can synchronize those types of properties. If you look in the Operations Manager Guide on page 175 (Snapshot Storage), it states that for local users, only the user name, full name, and description are captured and stored in the database.


          While an audit may report that there are differences between other local user properties, you might only be able to synchronize the itmes listed in the Snapshot Storage chart referenced above.


          Again I am not 100% sure this chart directly correlates to what you can synchronize, but I believe this is the case. Does anyone else know?

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            Support has informed me that this has been reproduced in-house and is a regression. Ticket 8578 has been logged.