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    Grammar for sendmail.cf ?

      I was at a prospect yesterday and they brought up whether or not we could treat sendmail.cf as a configuration file. I took a look at the file and it seems to be one pretty complex file. From what I was able to understand from googling, sendmail.cf is a stream-based file created using a macro which "compiles" the cf file. Any chance anyone has worked with this file out in the field?

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          The sendmail.cf should never be modified directly. It should be generated from a .mc file that lists the features and configuration options you want set or included from m4 files. You then run m4 against the settings from the .mc file and generate a sendmail.cf.


          So, you're probably looking for an mc grammar file.


          I fear anyone who can reliably edit a sendmail.cf directly other than very cursory settings. I used to spend hours at a time with the O'Reily "bat book" for sendmail just to write the simplest of rules. That was in about 1994. I learned my lesson and ALWAYS use .mc files and m4 to generate now.


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