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    Job-associated Properties

      What experience do you have with job-associated properties? The only example I can think of is for a change ticket request number or something, and have never seen any other examples out there. Any ideas?

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          Sean Berry

          I've been heavily using the:

          show in change tracking reports

          show in compliance reports



          properties. As of 6.2, the timeout properties were not functional for NSH script jobs, but I -think- the main timeout now is in 6.3. Neither timeout property applies for patch analysis jobs.

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            Thanks Sean. I actually wasn't thinking about some of the properties that tie into reports & the timeout stuff (I forgot to mention that). I guess I was wondering if anyone ever found it necessary to go to the property dictionary and create a new custom property associated with a job. You have the ability to create properties that are required for audit jobs, snapshot jobs, etc..., and I couln't think of anything off the top of my head as to why you would want to do this.

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              I think the most common use case would be a "Change Ticket #" property, which could be required for deploy jobs. I remember being onsite with many customers who asked for the ability to create this property, but I have not seen any environments where this change has been effected.

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                We use it for a generic job to copy the binaries for an application release to a staging directory based on a ClearCase label.


                So, the script might:

                cp /cc/ETS/build/application/file1@$1 /dest/place/staged/for/file/deploy/job/


                The script job can then be called with ??CC_RELEASE_TAG?? set as a job property and passed as the argument to the script. To stage a new deployment of the app for release just re-run the script job and change the CC_RELEASE_TAG property for that execution.