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    Rolling Back Config File Changes

      Has anyone ever run into issues rolling back a BLPackage that contains updates to a configuration file? After creating a BLPackage from a configuration file, I was able to modify the package to make the changes necessary and deploy the package successfully. However, when I tried to undo the deployment, I got an error message saying it was unable to find the entry specified.


      I have never seen this problem with files parsed with 'name=value', hosts, /etc/passwd, or other similar grammars. Today I saw this problem with two files parsed by our Machine Config.xml grammar and httpd.conf grammar.


      Could this be a problem with how we handle unique identifiers in the file? In a typical httpd.conf file, the unique identifier doesn't necessarily have to be in the first column. Same goes for Machine Config.xml grammar.


      Is this a known issue, or simply not possible? Seeing as we are saving the transaction set on the target host, you would think that rollback would be fairly straightforward.