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    ini.gm problem/fix (6.2.3)

      It seems the .ini file grammar that comes with 6.2.3 does not behave well if there is whitespace after a "]" delimiting the end of a section key. Mr. Eun, my peer at CME, found this out the hard way.


      We modified our base ini.gm fileto include a WS read in the "section" portion after the RIGHT_BRACKET read. Since WS is 0 or more whitespace characters it is a harmless solution:


      section LEFT_BRACKET WS VAL WS RIGHT_BRACKET WS $new_field $2 $save_var $TEMP \

      $2 $set_as_nonleaf $save_record $2 $set_add_rule $0


      Could someone from BL add this to the knowledge base and possibly the product release?