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    bldeploy appears to 'hang' for 20 mins between steps in BLPackage

      Installing Solaris patch cluster, log file displays following:


      07/27/05 14:53:30.602 DEBUG bldeploy - [] chdir to PkgDir: '/'

      07/27/05 15:14:57.508 DEBUG bldeploy - [] Applying id = 3


      Between step 2 and 3 there is a 20 minute gap. Step 2 was installing the patches.


      Running the job manually there is no delay and no prompts after the patch installation finishes.


      The job has been run a number of times and the same 20 minute delay occurs each time.


      Anyone any idea what config mgr or bldeploy is doing for all this time, as there doesn'tappear to be anything in the logs?