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    New Smart Groups

      Has anyone started taking advantage of the new smart component / depot / job groups in 6.3? If so, what are some examples?


      I generally use a standard setup of Workspace & Certified folders, but was wondering if there were any good ideas out there.

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          I like using them to figure out what is mine. I put my initials in the description field of depot objects and jobs and then creating a smart group based on description "contains" INITIALS. Not sure if this has practical use in the field and is only as successful as a user remembering to do it.



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            You just gave me the idea to create smart user workspaces, but when I tried to do it you can't have a condition for 'user' (Which would be nice).

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              Also, I'm trying to create a smart server group of all audit jobs that have SHOW_IN_COMPLIANCE_REPORT added to them, but it doesn't seem to work. Either my group contains all audit jobs, or is empty. I've added the property to a few audit jobs, but didn't give it a value. I've tried the following conditions:


              SHOW_IN_COMPLIANCE_REPORT contains (nothing)

              SHOW_IN_COMPLIANCE_REPORT does not contain (nothing)

              SHOW_IN_COMPLIANCE_REPORT starts with (nothing)


              and a handful of others with no luck.

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                Yea, I was noticing that as well. I'll put an enhancement in for that. It seems pretty straight-forward. I was surprised it wasn't there when I went to look for it.

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                  Why are you adding it with nothing as a value? I usually put it in as TRUE. I just did a smart server group that match on all for the following


                  JobType equals Audit Jobs

                  SHOW_IN_COMPLIANCE equals TRUE


                  I got the two jobs I was expecting.


                  However I see what you are saying. If you put in nothing for SHOW_IN_COMPLIANCE, you get all audit jobs. What you really need is a match on "is set" and "is not set". Looks like another enhancement

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                    Exactly. I used to set it to TRUE all the time, but as far as other users, you can never ensure that someone will set the value to TRUE or any other value for that matter, since the job will still show up in reports either way.

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                      This is the same issue we've seen with smart server groups. You can't create a query based on whether or not the value is set. That's why Professional Services has gone through the effort of creating a script to finds properties that aren't set on servers and sets them on those servers with a values of "". I believe that script can be found in the forums or kb.


                      I agree that you should be able to execute a query like this, but at least the new smart grouping is consistent with the existing smart server grouping functionality.

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                        Correct, but if that script were modified to look for jobs that have the property, you wouldn't want to add it and set it with a value of "", since that would cause unwanted jobs to show up in reports.


                        If you had to go this route, I suppose you could modify reports to look for TRUE / FALSE values for this property, and not add the audit simply if the property added to the job.


                        So are you saying an "exists" condition is not an option?

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                          I put in two enhancements for you:


                          7923 - Creating job/depot groups by user

                          7924 - Having an "is set" and "is not set" in groups. Although I know Damon has submitted this a few times.

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                            To Greg's point, I agree that reporting should only look for True/False or Yes/No. The mere existince of a value tied to the job should not automatically place the audit within the report.


                            For the time being, just institute a True/False policy (has to be enforced manually) and then you should be able to group appropriately.

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                              I've added a custom property 'JOB_CREATOR' which I added to all my jobs. I then filter the smart group for 'JOB_CREATOR' equals .


                              Adds another manual element to creating jobs, but I've not lost a job in a while. :)

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                                We're not there yet, but we would definitely make use of grouping by a date. The SA70 and Sarbanes-Oxley auditors are always asking for things like : "What changed on date X?"


                                Have I mentioned auditors are the bane of my existance?


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                                  in my demo environment, I made a group in my depot called "Depot Index" and one in my jobs work area called "Job Index" and then made smart groups under each for each depot asset/job type.


                                  It shows pretty well in the demo and it was about all I could come up with...

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                                    I like this idea. However, there seems to be a limitation in creating a smart depot group of all custom software. Because 'Custom Software' isn't in the dropdown, I have to create a smart group matching all conditions where object type doesn't equal blpackage, file, hotfix, script, etc...

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