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    Smart Server Group regex?

      I have the need for a smart server group that would read:

      HOST ends with

      HOST does not contain ucqa


      Of course the Smart Group will not let me put []'s in the string, but I need the regex. Setting "all" and list individual entries for "HOST ends with 1", "HOST ends with 2", etc. means nothing matches and setting "any" means the "HOST does not contain ucqa" rule allows hosts that do not end with a number to be included.


      I'm guessing I have to do this as an extended object, but am kind of at a loss there as well (it's new to me). Any help would be appreciated.


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          Michael, at the moment, smart server groups only filter on properties. Therefore, if you want to create server groups based on regular expression results, you should use an NSH script and the BLCLI.


          You'll need the following commands:

          Property propertyNameToDBKey

          Server listAllServers

          Server addPropertyValue


          You'll also need to create a user_info.dat file in which to cache your BLCLI user credentials. See this document for more information:



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            So you're saying set a property for each server that belongs in the group? That would be just as painful as simply manually placing them into a static server group.


            I'm shooting for adding a host into RBAC, putting it into a Resource profile (or 2 or 3) and pushing ACLs to it. It should just show up in the smart groups it belongs in.


            I'll work with manually adding a property for now. I hope whomever adds the host remembers to set all the correct properties we need for exceptions like these.


            But, if it's not already on the radar, can the fields for smart groups be nested/grouped/XOR'ed/etc and the strings to match be PCRE aware, please? My problem would be solved if I coudl make a single rule that reads:

            (HOST ends with \d && HOST does not begin with uc)