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    Solaris Patch Analysis Can't Write XML Files

      I've implemented Solaris patch analysis, on Windows AS & reporting servers, using solpatchcheck & solaris_patch_analysis-generic.nsh.


      I've followed the instructions to the letter and put all the files in the right places etc, etc.


      I am seeing the following problem in the job log:

      Unable to create output file //rptserver/C/Progra~1/BladeL~1/Reports/data/sol_patch/by_server.xml: No error

      I have set the following vaiables in the script:


      I have tried the paths in original format with spaces etc and in 8.3 as they are now.


      I have created a test nsh script to touch a file in that path, which works fine. I've even tried setting REPORTS_INSTALL_DIR to /c/temp


      Any ideas will be gratefully received :)