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    Kernel Patch installation in HP-UX

      Does BladeLogic Patch deployment job understands that

      a particular patch requires reboot and takes care of

      rebooting the system?

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          From my experiences, it does not. We usually suggest putting the patch deploy into a batch job with a reboot script at the end of the batch job.


          Are you just deploying the Kernel patch or are you deploying other patches as well with it?



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            I am installing loads of patches infact there are some kernel patches in it.


            Unfortunately baldelogic does not understand HP patch

            bundle unless it is product.


            So I have to install it is as a custom software.

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              BladeLogic does install and understand HP patch bundle. Now, out of the box we don't understand a patch unless it is in the .depot format.


              Are you downloading the bundle from HP's website?


              What we are doing at another client is we are running a patch assessment from using the cpm_collect script from HP. We are then taking the output of the cpm_collect script (which is a .fs file) and uploading it back to HP. HP will produce a list of patches. You select the patches you want and then download the TAR file. When you download the tar file and gunzip it you will have a file in there called create_depot_hp-ux or similar. You run that and the your depot will be created. You can then import this depot into bladelogic by pointing the software install to the depot directory.


              The problem you are going to run into is that if the bundle has a patch that requires a reboot then you will need to include the option '-x autoreboot=true' in the install commmand when you're setting up the file.


              Once you do this, the system will automatically reboot (HP) when the patches are done installing. Once this happens your BladeLogic job will lose connection with the server. The job will hang and you will have to cancel it manually. It's unfortunately a function of HP that doesn't allow you to suppress reboots.


              The better alternative is to leave the depot on the HP target server and run an NSH script job to kick off the swinstall on the target server. In that instance the job will work successfully.


              Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions. I've been up to my ears in HP-UX Patching lately.



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                Hi Josh,


                I have downloaded the loads of patches as tar format and

                gunzip them.I also ran create_hpux_depot.


                It ran successfully and created a depot directory.


                When I ran swlist -d @ /tmp/patches/depot it does show

                HP patch bundle.


                I tried adding the directory /tmp/patches/depot as HP-UX bundle and to do so I select directory and do right

                click but it does not show HP-UX bundle option.


                Kindly reply.

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                  I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you select the directory and right click.


                  Try this..


                  New -> Software -> HPUX Bundle


                  Then go down and select the directory that you're interested in but look one directory under that for the directory called depot (if there is one). Whenever I use create_hp-ux_depot it seems to create a depot directory under the main directory.


                  Let me know

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                    Yes I tried doing the same way.


                    I selected Depot workspace and then


                    New-> Software -> But there is no option for HP-UX bundle

                    it shows solaris package, aix stuff, linux stuff but no

                    HP package.


                    What I mean't by right click is that I go to server

                    workspace,then go down Live directory > Filesystem>

                    Select depot directory and try to add to depot as


                    HP-UX bundle but it does not show in the list.



                    Fenil Manek

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                      Well some how manage to get HP-UX bundle and selected the

                      depot directory but it adds only the first patch in the list and not the entire patch list.

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                        What version of the Appserver and Configuration Manager client are you using? Are they the same version and build number?



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                          All are version 6.2.1

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                            Instead of selecting new and picking your item from the file menu, right click in the software depot folder, select new, then pick hpux patch bundle. I believe this is the problem you're encountering. Apparently the "New" menu options and the right click "New" menu options aren't the same.



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                              Please understand I am able to do that yesterday itself but when I select /tmp/patch/depot directory which was

                              created by create_depot_hpux script supplied by HP

                              BladeLogic selects only one out of the two patch in the bundle but not the entire bundle.


                              My bundle which is in depot /tmp/patch/depot has two patches eg X and Y


                              When I add HP-UX bundle and select /tmp/patch/depot it

                              selects only X and not Y.


                              I hope this makes sense to you.

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                                There was a bug in earlier versions where BladeLogic would not see all of the items in a bundle. This bug was fixed in the 6.3 version of the product.


                                From the description of your symptoms, I believe you've run into this bug.

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                                  Nice to hear that as we are just currenlty upgrading

                                  to v 6.3.