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    Unix (Solaris) Snapshot / Audit query



      I've been attempting a couple of things and noticed some interesting results:


      1. I attempted to snapshot just the root directory '/' on a Solaris server - Warnings appeared in the job log saying "file /// not found" then "snapshot job has the part '/' missing on

      '" - The server is otherwise fine to snapshot.


      2. I have restored a copy of an oracle filesystem /u01 to /spare/u01 and wanted to perform a comparison between these two filesystems using a snapshot and audit. Though since BladeLogic appears to only be able to use the absolute path, I appear to be unable to do this. Is there a way of doing this that I dont know about without manipulating or moving my data?


      Any comments appreciated...


      Thanks, Jay

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          BladeLogic provides the ability to parameterize filesystem paths via the use of Component Templates. You can audit the two items against each other my doing the following:



          1. Create a server property named "ORACLE_DATA_PATH" (or whatever you want to call it). You can create this under Tools->Property Dictionary.


          2. Go into the Components tab and create a new Component Template.


          3. Name the Component Template and go to the Parts step.


          4. Add a directory part and edit it so that the name is ??ORACLE_DATA_PATH??. Save the template.


          5. Go into the Component Manager and create the Component on the two servers in question (or create it twice on the one server in question if both /u01 and /spare/u01 exist on the same server).


          6. Right-click on each Component and choose Properties. For each Component, set the ORACLE_DATA_PATH to the appropriate value (i.e. /u01 or /spare/u01).


          7. To check that this worked, browse the Components (under Live) and ensure that it's browsing to the proper but different locations on the file system for each component.


          8. Now you can audit these two components against each other. The parameterized paths will drop out and it will do an apples-to-orange comparison.



          This sounds a bit complicated, but bear in mind that this process is actually quite simple once you're familiar with it, and also bear in mind that it can be completely automated with the BLCLI in scalable situations.


          Post with any more questions.



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            Thanks for that Jarrod.


            I'm giving this a go now - I will have to try to get familiar with customising Properties since they appear to be the building blocks of a lot of things I will want to do for Solaris.


            Thanks again, Jay.

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              I had some problems with this, so wrote this step by step document that definitely works!!


              I hope you find it useful!