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    Running vbs scripts as deploy job post-commands

    Gerardo Bartoccini


      I am experiencing quite a weird behaviour while running a deploy job.

      I copy some files over then run the following post-command:


      cscript.exe //NoLogo SetupPatch_Auto.vbs


      which seemed to run fine in the test environment.

      Obviously, when launched in the prod environment, it failed. :(


      The problem is that, at some point in the execution, the vbs script returns an error, which is actually handled by the script itself, but for some reasons, it is "intercepted" by BladeLogic which:

      1) considers the script finished, and releases the control on it

      2) logs an error and goes on


      Now, if we manually run the script on a DOS shell, it gets to its end properly. It completes successfully and only returns a kind warning at the end, as intended by the developers.


      Obviously, what we aim to is running the script till its end, and have it managing the errors as it's able to.


      I just discovered that the vbs script misses the "On Error Resume Next" instruction, so I guess the error is actually returned outside the scriptm that's why BL actually kills it.

      Does that make sense?


      Any clues?