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    BLPackage for MSI Uninstall

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      Is there a way to create BLPackage strictly to uninstall an MSI from a Windows 2003 Server? The MSI is in the depot with both install and uninstall commands defined. I have a compliance job that checks for a specific version of the application prior to installing a newer version. If the previous version exists, it must be uninstalled prior to installing the upgrade.


      If I add the application that must be uninstalled from the Applications server object, I am forced to associated with an MSI package in the depot. When I do this, the action for the MSI is set to add, and it is grayed out so I cannot change it.


      If I right-click on the MSI package in the depot, I have an "Uninstall" option, but that creates a deploy job which executes the Uninstall command of the MSI.


      The ultimate goal is to be able to run a compliance job that automatically uninstalls (via auto-remediate) the previous version if found prior to upgrading. Remediation settings within Compliance rules can only use BLPackages for remediate, but I cannot create a BLPackage that performs an uninstall.

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          In your case, I would just put the uninstall commands in the install section of the MSI package. And just name your MSI package "application X uininstaller." That should handle it from a functionality perspective.

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            Really? That's the best BladeLogic can do?! So you are telling me that in order to be able to uninstall a piece of software I need a separate MSI uninstall package? So, if I have a piece of software that I may need BladeLogic to be able to install OR uninstall, I need to create 2 MSI packages, which means I have to maintain 2 packages if the software is updated, and the addition package causes me to consume twice the storage space on my file server to store the one piece of software?!


            I can't believe that this has not been questioned by any BladeLogic users in the past. How difficult would it really be to activate the "Action" field of BLPackage when you add an MSI package as an asset. If you select "Add", it executes the Install command of the package. If you select "Delete", it executes the Uninstall command of the MSI package.

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              Bill Robinson

              you can do this manually in the gui if you choose 'uninstall' on the msi from 'add/remove' programs. it should let you link to an existing package for uninstall instructions... but there's no scripted way to create this.


              i've asked for an enhancement for a 'uninstall' job in the past, no movement...

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                But doesn't that create a Deploy Job as the result? My ultimate goal is be able to run a compliance job that check for an application and uninstalls the application, if found, through auto-remediation. Of course, remediation only takes BLPackages as its instruction.

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                  I was just providing you a way to meet your automation goals with the current product functionality. If you would like the product to function in a different or new way, then you may submit a request for enhancement with BMC support. If enough requests for the functionality are given, or a business case submitted with the enhancement is significant, you will see quicker traction on your request.

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                    Bill Robinson

                    yeah, you're right. I think Adam's way would be the way to go. And I'd put in an enhancement request for this.