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    Signature file for BLpackage



      I would like to have a kind of "signature file" written to any client box each time I deploy a BLPackage to it. This file would contain information about the third party product I installed, like : Product name, version, installation directory ... This would ease the inventory.


      To do this I would like to use the BLPackage variables (if possible) and in order to implement it easily, it would be nice to have it set up on the same way for all the BLPackage and/or Job.


      Does anybody have experience with that kind of thing ? What would be the most appropriate way to do that ?


      Should I use the Job "pos-command" feature ?


      Thanks and regards.


      Frederic ALBERT

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          Bill Robinson

          Can you run discovery w/ a Component Template that looks for the contents of whatever you have deployed to determine what vendor/version/etc the software is, or is that information not natively in what you are deploying? The template + discovery is how you typically perform inventory of apps that don't register in the OS package registry.


          Otherwise, do it in the package itself, w/ an 'external command' or possibly a config file entry.

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            Hi Bill,


            Thank you for your reply.


            The problem is that in our environment, some of the soft we install onto our systems are installed onto different PATH, regarding the internal project they are related to, so this means we should create a component template for each soft (BLPackage) and each PATH they can be installed to. This mean additional job, additional maintenance and additional source of mistake. Maybe you have any idea for that on your side ?


            For the moment I add an external command to each package, creating a "signature" file named "??NAME??" (of the BLPackage) and containing the "??INSTALL_DIR??" variable. I use to copy that command to each BLPackage, but I would like to do something more powerful and easy to use !





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              Bill Robinson

              If it's the path that is different you can use 1 component template per application. in the template you can create a local property like 'APP_PATH'. then create 'local parameter instances', one instance for each different install path, and set the 'APP_PATH' property value for each instance. the discovery condition for the template will be 'directory ??APP_PATH??' exists.


              this will create a component for each install path/server - so if your app is installed multiple times on a server you will have components like:


              template (server1)

              template (server1)

              template (server1)

              template (server2)


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                Thanks for you reply,


                But if I understand well, in this case of component template I'll need to update the "local parameter instances" each time I have a new path for the installation of my product ?





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                  Bill Robinson

                  Yes, that's true.


                  So echoing it into the file may be the best bet. but if you want to use that information for inventory reports, I think it would be useful to take the information in the file and get it into reports somehow. that can be done w/ a extended object and snapshots or the component templates.


                  also, how are you setting the paths now for the install? is that something you determine at install time in the deploy job of the blpackage? is the install path something you could pre-define somewhere, even if it's a list of possible install paths?

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                    Hi Bill,


                    In fact, until now, we use a variable called ??INSTALL_DIR?? into the BLPackage, the problem is that we may have as many installation paths as the number of internal projects we have in the company. So having a exhaustive list of possible paths is quiet not possible.


                    I think it is possible to pre-define a list of possible paths but not all !


                    In the meantime, how would you proceed to be sure to have the same "signature program" on all BLPackage and if possible editable at the same time for all BLPackage ?

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                      Bill Robinson

                      I think echoing into the file is the best bet - add an external command in the blpackage that does 'echo ??NAME??,??INSTALL_DIR?? >> /etc/installed_apps' (or the file you want this info in).


                      you can then write an extended object, or use a 'config file' that outputs this file and you can include this in reporting.


                      There's some other things you could do here w/ properties and the property dictionary, and components but it means that you want to start forcing a standard install path on your users. this might help w/ figuring out what's on your boxes too...