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    Unistall an application

    Antonio Caputo

      I have an application installed on some targets (it was not installed with BL so no deploy job is on CM).


      Is there a smart way to choose this application and run a "unistall job" on a set of targets?


      It could be nice to have something like a Application Analysis Job (as the patching has).

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          Antonio Caputo

          It is possible by choosing the Application via Live Server view and then specifying the depot containing the application, then a deploy job will be created ...


          Looking at the Software Tab of the Deploy Job you can see Unistall (instead of Install). This is not possible if you create a Deploy job from the scretch.


          So I think that it could be nice to have possibility to choose Install/Unistall starting from the deploy job itself.

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            Bill Robinson

            open a ticket :)



            if the application is one of the standard ones (pkg, rpm, etc) i think when you choose 'uninstall' from the live view you can choose 'standard uninstall commands' or something like that, so you don't need a depot object.